About Us

Gunns employs a range of people with a variety of skills, knowledge and expertise. Our people want to ensure that our natural resources and businesses are managed responsibly.

The development of a 200,000 hectare plantation estate is testament to the commitment, expertise and hard work of a diverse range of Gunns employees: foresters, agricultural scientists, environmental scientists, engineers and accountants, to name but a few.

Gunns is one of the largest farmers of trees in Australia, currently growing the equivalent of 460 trees for every person in Tasmania on its plantation estate. Growing trees takes time. Gunns’ first plantation was planted in the early 1900s. Like all farmers, we try to get the best yield from our land by growing trees on the same site over and over again. With some plantations growing for up to twenty five years before they are harvested, many of our plantations are growing for the second or third time on the same site. Each rotation produces an even greater yield.

Gunns employs approximately 645 employees in their operations in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

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