Company Overview

Gunns manages over 275,000 hectares of freehold land, with 200,000 hectares under plantation. Our estate includes approximately 150,000 hectares of hardwood, eucalyptus plantations in Tasmania and 50,000 hectares of radiata pine softwood plantations in the Green Triangle region (South Australia and Victoria). We place a significant emphasis on the development of high quality plantations to ensure a supply of this sustainable, renewable resource to our markets. Our plantation estate will ensure the growth of our business in the future, including the operation of the Bell Bay Pulp Mill.

Gunns is proud of the many standards it has set in forestry and environmental management. We are a forerunner in meeting stringent standards internationally, often exceeding them. Gunns was the first company to achieve the International Organisation Standard's ISO 14001, a globally respected reference to Environmental Management.

Gunns was also the first company to achieve Australian Forestry Standard (AFS), the national benchmark for independent verification of environmental, economic and social sustainability in forest management.

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