Environmental Commitment

Gunns is committed to pursuing industry best practice in environmental performance. As an international resource based company, we acknowledge that our shareholders, employees and the community at large expect responsible environmental practice by Gunns businesses. Gunns embraces the principle of sustainable development, ie: development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe this principle is fundamental to Gunns' continued success and growth. We aim to sustainably manage our natural, renewable resources; trees, walnuts and grapes. 

Gunns' operations are subject to strict environment regulations. Our aim is to ensure that we sustainably manage our forests. This means managing our forests in a way that guarantees a long-term, renewable resource supply whilst simultaneously protecting and managing the environment. This is important because we are here for the long haul. We have placed considerable emphasis on independent audit of our sustainability and performance against these international standards over the past ten years.

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Key charters and protocols for interacting with the community are in place to ensure sustainability is based upon social, economic and environmental values. These processes have been initiated and led by the industry. Listening to stakeholders has made us aware of how important it is to the community that we conserve native forest. So last year Gunns implemented a policy to ensure that plantation development is not originating from broad-scale native, vegetation clearing. This commitment puts us a step ahead of legislation and many of our competitors.

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We own and manage over 45,000 hectares purely for conservation reserves.  This is the equivalent of 21,000 football stadiums.

Gunns continues to plant and regenerate significantly more forests than it harvests to ensure ongoing operational sustainability. In the last financial year, Gunns’ Somerset Nursery, located in north western Tasmania, celebrated its 10th anniversary, as well as the despatch of its 100 millionth seedling. That is almost five seedlings for every man, woman and child in Australia. The nursery commenced operation in 1997 and was originally built to produce 8 million seedlings per annum. It has since been expanded on several occasions and is now capable of growing 18 million seedlings each year to supply the company’s establishment program.

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