Neighbourhood Charter

Gunns aims to establish and build good relationships with people who live near or in the locations where we operate our business and with people who also run businesses in those locations.

Some of the ways we do this is by keeping people informed about activities we are undertaking that may have impact on them. Hence, when we spray our crops we make sure we provide our neighbours plenty of advance warning. We also make sure we maintain our properties so that our neighbours can benefit. That's why we make sure we minimise fire hazards by undertaking controlled burning programs; using low intensity fires to reduce fuel that could lead to major fires in hot, dry weather. We maintain fire breaks and roads and always advise our neighbours before undertaking any managed fire programs.

Gunns has been actively engaging with businesses and residents in the Bell Bay area to ensure that they are aware of the proposed pulp mill project and understand how they will be affected during the construction, commissioning and operating phases. Minimising any potential impacts on our neighbours is of great importance to us. Engaging with the local community means we can work together to find solutions to any aspects of the project that may be of concern.